Genesis Tutorials

Genesis Oils painting can be so much fun and even more so when you have a little help to get you started!

I created several PDF tutorials for my Genesis students as a way to introduce them to these paints.   These patterns include step-by-step photos, a black & white line drawing pattern, a palette mixing chart and full instructions.

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lower case, just like that above but without the arrows. :-)

Two-Glass Wine Caddy

These wood surfaces are available at Viking Woodcrafts

Please visit my You Tube for informational videos and tutorials about Genesis Heat Set Oils!

One of the most helpful tools a Genesis Artist can have on their painting table is the TCS Color Match SourceBook, 3rd Edition.  This book helps you quickly and easily create any colour mix with its simple formula of giving you a visual colour block selection and then detailing the base Genesis colours and ratio amounts needed to create that colour mix!   This book is no longer in print but happily can be found through Amazon or eBay.  Be sure you get the 3rd Edition which includes the Genesis Heat Set Oils among many other paint brands.  :-)