Genesis Oils

As you may know, I'm an avid fan of the Genesis Heat Set Oil paints.  


For one reason alone ... painting success!  I can do with them what I was not able to do as easily with any other medium.  What artist wouldn't want that with their painting endeavors!?!  :-)

What's so special about these paints?
  • they offer you full quality colour, blendability and the archival factor of traditional oils BUT you get the control of acrylics through its heat-set factor.
  • they are non-toxic! 
  • the paint doesn't dry -- not on your palette, not on your brush, not on your surface -- until YOU heat set it! This means you can dust cover the canvas, the palette and the brushes and walk away to lead your busy life.  Come back for a few minutes at a time, or months, yes even years!! ... later, undust-cover it all, stir up those paints on their palette and continue!  My medical concerns makes this a very important issue for me as there are times, I'm down for the count for weeks at a time or longer.
  • economical - because of their very rich pigments, a very little goes a LONG way and since they don't dry out, you never toss out a jar until the very last dibble-dabble is gone.
  • just five basic colours gets you a mix of over 30 colours!  Click to get these charts - Colour 5-30 Mixes and  Mixes Sizing Chart  - feel free to laminate these back to back or put them in a sheet protector. :-)
  • clean up is so easy -- just mix 50% DecoArt's Decomagic Brush Cleaner with 50% Polmolive OxyPower Dish Soap  
Visit AAMCO, the manufacturer's website for more information!  Genesis Artist Colours

Take a look at the following of  my quick progression from acrylics to Genesis and see for yourself the reason I got so excited with these paints!
My acrylic version of a Donna Dewberry pattern.

I struggled for years with acrylics and had some success, but could not achieve the fine art skill level I desired.  I especially wanted to paint roses as I SO adore them for their beauty, fragrance and feminine foofyness. ;-)

Traditional Oil paints were tricky with having no control over wet on wet painting unless/until it dried which took days, weeks, months or longer.
It was all so frustrating and unrewarding too.
I bought the starter Genesis kit and off I went on my exciting adventure!

Enter the Pansy test, stage left.


My first Genesis painting was a complete dustbin item! LOL

Oils are just a wee bit different, I quickly learned.  :-)

BUT there was something about those paints that intrigued me and I ventured on!

Second item --


I did that !!

ME !!!

I was hooked.  ;-)

It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever painted ... EVER! 

The front rose there, by the way, was where I started playing ... and when I got it done, I just had to finish the rest of that painting!  lol  Try building a painting backwards and you'll understand my folly there!  O.o

I immediately set off to paint some more and those following paintings were such lovely successes too!

My version of a Bev Hink Birdwell pattern.
My version of a Dorothy Dent pattern
... and I never looked back ...

If you are an acrylic painter and want something more, I hope you'll give yourself a chance to see why these paints may be a solution for your painting endeavours too.

Visit my  my Picture Trail (linked on the right) and browse my blog to see more of my Genesis paintings :-)

I seldom paint from patterns now, preferring instead to paint from resource photos.   Being mobility impaired, it is difficult for me to get out and about so I rely on the generosity of others when it comes to photographic resources.  Paint My Photo (linked at the right) is one of the most marvelous places for my painting inspirations!