PIP - Products I Prefer

These are Products that I Prefer and use on a daily basis. They are categorized by Mediums (in alphabetical order - as per my slight OCD issues *giggle*) to make it easier for you to review.

BOOKS (includes all mediums)

GENESIS HEAT SET OILS (includes preferred Brushes and other Resources)
  • Genesis Heat Set Oils:
  1. Genesis Heat Set Oils Try Out Set
  2. Genesis Heat Set Oils Starter Set (the primary 5 colours from which you can create 30+ other colours! See the link on my first Genesis Oils page.)
  3. Genesis Heat Set Oils Individual Paint Jars
  4. Genesis Heat Set Oils Mediums
  • Storage:
  • Painting Palette - use a white porcelain or ceramic tile, tray or plate (the larger the better!) for mixing on.  (Check at your local Home Depot or Hardware store for the tiles. Mine gave them to me as samples at a much reduced cost.) You can also use a clear piece of glass with a white paper affixed to the back side.   This type of hard surface will not absorb the moisture within the paint and keep them working beautifully during your painting process, no matter how long.
  • Cleaning & Cleaning Rags:
    1. Brush Cleaning:  when your project is done, you can use a few different items:
      • For inbetween cleanings, use either Mona Lisa Odorless Thinner or Gamsol
      • Create a 50/50 mixture of DecoArt's DecoMagic Brush Cleaner and either Dawn Dish Detergent or Polmolive Ultra Dish Cleaner Oxy Power Degreaser.  This mixture helps cut through the paint quickly and cleanly. 
      • Masters Brush Cleaner (If this doesn't work, see the mixture above.  This product can also be used periodically with the mixture to help further condition your brushes when needed.)
    2. I use Viva Paper Towel as it is softest on my brushes.  Any soft cleaning rag will do as well - just be sure to put a degreaser additive into your laundry to help clean it thoroughly.


OIL PASTELS (includes CretaColour Oil Pencils

PASTELS  (Includes Pan Pastels, Soft Pastels and Pastel Pencils and preferred Tools)

PENCILS (Includes Coloured, Graphite and Watercolour as well as Cases)

WATERCOLOURS (Includes Water Solubles, Guoache, Cases and preferred Brushes)
  • Watercolours:
    1. Daniel Smith Watercolours are professional quality and so many pigment choices!
    2. Daniel Smith PrimaTek are amazing with their unique granulations and sediments!
    3. M. Graham made with honey, come in multiple sets of 5 at Amazon, and sets as well as individual tubes at Dick Blick
    4. DaVinci Watercolours made with honey come in multiple sets and tubes at their website, as well as sold by the tube at Dick Blick 
    5. Jerry Q  is a terrific low cost set of non-lightfast but highly pigmented colours and a good set for beginners!  24 Colour Set  or  18 Colour Set
  • Guoache:
    1. Arteza Guoache - hobby grade guoache
    2. Winsor & Newton Designers Guoache - student grade guoache
    3. M. Graham Guoache - professional grade guoache
  • Water Solubles (includes Crayons, Markers and Sticks)
  1. Winsor & Newton Brush Markers Starter Set
  2. Caran d'Ache Neocolor 2 Set of 30
  3. Derwent Inktense Set of 36
  4. Arteza Watercolour Real Brush Pens 24 Pack
  5. Arteza Watercolour Real Brush Pens 96 (with or without the case)


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