Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Adventures!

I've not posted on my blog for some time as you know.  I took a hiatus from all social media venues for about two dozen different reasons (!!!) and took a break from my art too, for the most part. 

I did do water solubles now and again and find more to love as time goes by.  As with most things, experience comes with doing and mine is developing.  :-)

Summer Moment
Painted from photo of Lillian Bell at Paint My Photo, ning Group
During that hiatus, I just rested my mind but it flitted here and there and occasionally landed on a solid piece of thought.  ,-)  One of the things I realized was that I missed my oils rather desperately. 

I greatly enjoy the mixed media and the paper crafts, to be sure, and hope that the upcoming neuro specialist visit will help me find a way to get back to my art center desk for more creative play there!  (And especially because I've two scrapbooks of our parents I've been wanting to put together for my sister and myself!)

Meanwhile, I began to concentrate my mental journeys around ways to get my oils back.  I took a chance and bought some oil pastels - Sakura's Cray-Pas Specialists - non-toxic, no mess, blendable (with its own extender blender tool/stick) and a gorgeous array of colours! They blend and play and perform, ever so nicely - just like my Genesis Oils did!  I'm beyond excited to continue with this medium and can't think why I never gave much thought to them before now.  SMH !! 

Pink Rose
painted from photo of Susan Wallick at Paint My Photo, ning Group
As well I felt a class of some sort might boost me creatively so late in January, I signed up for Joanne Sharp's Artful Life 2015 class.  A delightful course that takes lettering to an art form and something I've wanted to learn since I began journaling!  52 weeks of classes for $59 - perfectly priced too!  Seriously - gobs of videos, photos and an FB Group for added fun along with weekly/monthly word prompts to help you on your way!

So there I sat, inking in the last of the January homework ... praying my micron pens didn't dry out before the new ones arrived (yesterday thank goodness!!) ... and realized just how much I'm enjoying this class already!  :-) :-)

I'm using the recommended Strathmore 500 mixed media journal but chose the smaller 8.5x5.5 size as the health issues which keep me arting in my bedchair (with a tray to hold my tote of supplies) preclude the unwieldy bulk of a hard bound 9x12 (18x24 when opened!).  The smaller journal version is very manageable and working out so nicely.  I am condensing things of course which takes more time because I mock up the whole page first in my sketchbook of the same 8.5x5.5 size.

I hadn't realized just how nice a hard bound journal book like this would be by comparison to the wire bound versions I've been using. It's mentally taken me from a mixed media journal concept to more of an fine art journal concept which I find rather brilliant!!  So - Thank you, Joanne!  :-)

And so ... I'm back.  Not fully as before,  but enough to keep us connected.  I look forward to seeing your creativity and sharing mine in the year to come.  I'll see you at February end where I show you my journaling atristry with whimsical calligraphy on our monthly agenda and word prompt of "passion"!  <3

God bless and keep us all this 2015!


  1. So glad to see you back blogging Von. I really like you Jan. Journal pages. Looking forward to the February Blog.

  2. Von, how delightful to see you blogging again! I read every word! How nice you were able to take Joanne Sharp's online class. I have had several opportunities to take her class in person, but I haven't don't it...yet! I am artist who works at a pretty slow page, so feel pressure to keep up with some things. Maybe one day, I will take one of her classes online. You seem to have learned a lot from it. I am glad that rather than give up art, you are learning to downsize it and make it work for you. Your January journal contains not only beautiful writing, but beautiful art--both combined to form inspirational work! I love the first painting of the park bench and lovely hat. Look out, World, she's back!!

  3. Awwww thank you so much Kay! I appreciate your heart so much m'lady! (((hugs))) Joanne's class is available forever so no hurries, no worries - she makes it so easy. What's fun is to learn how she makes lettering an art form in such a variety of ways! Once learned, those skill sets will be with us forever! :-)

  4. Such lovely work as always. I'm also taking Joanne's class, I love her classes. I have not been posting on the FB group but did see that you were and am so thrilled to see your work. Lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Delightful post Von ,I love that bench and hat ,I'm also a member of that site via Lyndsay,s videos referral ...I agree with u on the oil pastels ...

  6. Love your art. I was thinking about you the other and I am so glad to see your post. I pray all is well. <3


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