Friday, March 7, 2014

Intermingling Thingies

The art aMUSEment group's 52 Cards keyword art challenge this week was "INTERMINGLE"

Say what?!?   Yes, I know what it means "to mix or mingle together" ... but its an intangible word!

Last week's was "KEY".  Now there's a good word for an art piece ... it has tangibility to it.  You can draw a key, hold a key, use a key, learn a key ... it has purpose and function.

I had to work at this one!  lol  

And so I did ...

This isn't a card, but a journal page consisting of different, yet similar, bits and tones intermingled and connected, all of it representing my life because I feel, as I grow older, that my life is becoming fused yet intermingled in momentary glimpses of a memory here and there.

"so many years 
in one yesterday"
This was done with the following materials:

Minds Eye "A Happy Heart" paper 6x6 pad
white tissue paper
white card stock for word tag
Studio 112 Die-cut border
Cloud9 Design Epoxy Word sticker
Prismacolour Watercolour Pencil - Carmine Red
T.H. Distress Ink - Vintage Victorian
Charcoal pencil
Decorative Corner punch
Heart and circle flat back sticker gems
Foamie dots
Scotch Glue Stick
Liquitex Matte Gel Medium


  1. This is absolutely brilliant art, not to mention interpretation of the challenge, Von! For me, memories have begun to intermingle and actually meld into feelings rather than memories, and, for me, think that is a good thing. Well done, my friend!

  2. Thank you Kay!! (((hugs))) I think our memories and our feelings are intermingled too. :-) Oftentimes it is a memory which evokes a feeling and vise versa.


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