Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Love Affair Begins

For my birthday, I received gift cards to fund an investment I'd longed for, for quite some time.  My friend Kelly Hoernig had gifted me a Pan Pastel sample she'd picked up for me at the Create Mixed Media Convention in Lisle, IL this Summer.  I'd longed to experience the Pan Pastels as I have enjoyed an inexpensive set of Soft Pastels I'd purchased through a craft de-stash group and knew the Pan Pastels were touted to be uniquely better!

And so ... my birthday present arrived!

Pan Pastel - 20 colour Painting Set and 6 colour Metallic Set and Tools
It didn't take long for me to start playing.  I chose an 11x14 Canvas.  My painting is a combination of two photos from the references available at Paint My Photo -- the swan, offered by Rachel T and the water lilies extracted from a waterscape offered by Craig Johnson.

Sunset Swan - 11x14 Canvas - Pan Pastels
Papa has encouraged me to save and invest in the other three key Pan Pastel Colour Sets.  I believe it will be a smart idea as I've already fallen in love with them.  :-)


  1. What a wonderful media with which to play, Von! You have done an absolutely amazing job with them "right out of the box!" How did you even know what do to with them??? I bought 6 to try out, and am afraid to use them! One question I have is how do you "fix" them so that they won't smear? Your canvas should be in a museum!!

    1. Thank you Kay! I SO appreciate your warm comments! I will send you a FaceBook message to answer your queries. :-) (((hugs)))


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