Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Festive Fall

Another group challenge given this week was with art aMUSEment.  The directive was to create something using the colours of the Fall Season.

Now, if you know me even a little then you probably know that oranges, browns, rusts, and quite often, yellow too are not on my preferred palette of colour choices.  Not that I can't appreciate them ... just that they aren't my favourites.  :-/   This challenge made me turn up my nose. 

I didn't cry though -- I'm a BIG girl artist don't you know!  So I pulled up those big girl panties and walker-hobbled over to sit down at the desk!  I grabbed a book of vintage images and browsed to see what I might find (this time it was the Birds and Nature book) and saw something that, while not conventionally Fall oriented, had the Fall colours.  YES it just might work!

And so it did!

Autumn Is
This is an 8x10 Canvas Panel, based with an acrylic khaki tone mix.  The Fall colours you see behind the bird are all the colours taken from the bird - they were rendered through a myriad of stamping pads dyes and inks, blending with a make-up sponge wedge.   The bird was printed from the Book's CD-Rom onto cardstock with our HP Inkjet Printer, fussy cut, and distress inked around its edges with Vintage Photo.  White Prima Flowers were alcohol inked in orange and yellow and distressed for a little more colour before being given center dots of wooden beads.  The quote was hand-written and says:

Autumn is a second Spring
When every leaf becomes a flower.
--Albert Camus--

This is one of the times I so wish we had a better camera as it just wasn't possible to get a perfect colour match from either of the cameras used today. 

Oh! My grandson, Max, who happened to be running by and glanced into our bedroom, did a "Hey now!" when he spotted it ... he was very impressed with his Mimi's creation. :::beam:::


  1. What a gorgeous outcome, Von! Glad you were brave enough to pull up those big girl panties and begin a real challenge. I love that you took the bird's color for the background. Very creative, indeed!

    1. Thank you Kay!! Its good to stretch us not only in terms of our artistry but in terms of our colourbox. I am so glad I did as this one will forever stand out in my heart for catching Max's attention and arty little self ... and he IS an artist ... heart and soul!


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