Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Moments & Memories

Tomorrow we celebrate Mother's Day.  For us, living with Cassandra and Michael, its a double celebration for her and for me.  Next week, we will continue to celebrate with a dinner out, which will then include Louise, Michael's mom, as she will be back from her travels then.

Mother's Day Moments of Memories
But today, Mother's Day brings special thoughts of Mama and her mama, my Gramma, who are both gone many years now.   I miss them both very much and that loss seems to grow stronger the older I become. My sense of loss for them is shared by others in our family, I know.  When we are together or even talking on the phone, so often our chatter will trail and wrap around them both as we share stories and memories.

My memories hold special moments of each of them at various stages of my life - gramma whistling in the kitchen to the hymns on the radio while she was making a pie for grandpa's supper;  mama sewing a beautiful wedding dress for my first Barbie Doll that I wanted so badly and got for my birthday that year; gramma sitting at the Hammond organ (which now resides in Cassandra's living room), playing "In the Sweet By and By" and letting us bang on it too whenever we came to visit for a while;  mama wrapping me up in her special flannel blankets and bringing me 7-Up when I had the flu; and ever so many other tiny fragments of gestures of love from both of them, for myself and others in our family. 

We love and miss you both, Mama and Gramma.


  1. Such beautiful memories! Love your artwork!

  2. A beautiful piece to honor both Mama and Gramma, Von! Light, delicate, feminine--all things womanly! Sweet!


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