Thursday, May 2, 2013

Keep My Memory Green

I was sorting through some saved clippings of images from Better Homes & Gardens publication of 4-17-12 and found a luminescent moth in green and yellow glowing tones.  I remembered thinking, at the time I clipped it, that it was so pretty and might find a home some day in one of my journals.  Well, last night, I was reminded of our weekly challenge at art aMUSEment ... let green be the inspiration!  Then, as I was browsing that folder, I found my printed quotes on Memory, which is my "themed" word for the year, and there was this quote by Charles Dickens that read "Lord, keep my memory green."   And to top it all off, last evening I had downloaded a free darling moon image from a vintage ad offered through **Free Vintage Digital Stamps**

Serendipity ROCKS !!

Keep My Memory Green
This 8 x 10 Canvas was painted in black acrylic.  The lunar moth (which came from a Lunesta ad in that BHG magazine) and was carefully torn around the edges, decoupaged and painted black at the edges to help the transition.  The moon was clipped to remove the ad portion and decoupaged in place atop a small round paper doily, coloured to emulate moon glow.  Assorted stars, swirls and party confetti were stamped and stenciled in place to create the nightsky.  The quote banner was developed in my graphics program and printed on cardstock, cut and glued in place.

This piece is SO not my usual and really SO fun !!


  1. That is just lovely Von.. That butterfly looks like it is glowing and really pops on your page..
    Sandy :)

  2. What an unexpected piece of art from you, Von! I love that you have stepped out of your comfort zone to participate in this great challenge. Results are impressive, my friend!


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