Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Will Work For Bling!

Will Work For Bling!

The Monday Challenge with art aMUSEment seemed fitting since it was April 1st -- Kelly directed us to "Let FOOL be the inspiration".

What could be more silly and better than a little girl clown who "will work for bling!"  :-D

This is also paying homage to my friend Jenny of Jennibellie Studio who posted a picture the other day on her FaceBook page. The photo showed two bottles of Gesso and a new package of pens -- and she said "I got new Gesso, I got new Gesso, and new p-ens, and new p-ens, na aaah ah ahhh, na aaah ah ahhh' :D" !!!  LOLOLOLOL!!!! As only another art journalist and mixed media artist can understand -- we prefer new art tools and toys every day of the week over any new clothes and shoes and such!

Love my arty friends who can appreciate how easily foolishness and fun can be shared and appreciated!

And, I have an order of a few toys on the way too!  ,-)


  1. LOL! Love this Von....and YES I'd take new art supplies and toys any day of the week over shoes and clothes!

    1. Thank you Anna! We're a special group, aren't we? lol


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