Friday, April 5, 2013


Yogurt Cup Stamping

Some time ago, I made a background page in my large journal with a wash of pink.  I then used two types and sizes of yogurt cups to stamp with white acrylic.  I finished it off with a liner brush to add swirls in white.

I love finding objects that can be used in my journal and don't cost me anything other than the intitial investment ... like for its edible yummyness, in the case of yogurt. :-D


Today, I wanted to make a page and flipped to that stamped page that was waiting so patiently to be played with ... and so I did.  

Taking black markers, black acrylic and black inkpads, I used stamps and stencils and freehand chain doodling to add to it.

I like this colour scheme of white, black and pink ... it just makes me think of the 50's for some reason and that was a good era!   Perhaps I should have put a poodle on it!

Happy Weekend Everyone!   :-D


  1. Who would have ever thought of a yogurt container!! Well YOU obviously!! It made a perfect stamp!!!
    I can see using it on the Gelli Plate or just using it as a stamp by just dipping it in paint.
    Love the swirls you added between them, they are the perfect!

    1. Anna, when one does mixed media and art journaling, one sees everything in a new light in terms of creating texture and interest to their work. For a while, daughter Cassandra thought she might have to nail everything down ... now she just says "I'm not DONE with that yet, Mama!" and gives me a raised eyebrow. LOL


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