Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Have Journal - Will Travel

I was talking with Papa on Sunday and he was questioning if I was ever going to paint in Genesis again.  After spending all of Saturday getting some new storage bits and revamping the painting desk to accommodate all of my mixed media and journaling stuff, I can see why he was wondering.  :-)  I assured him I surely would but that right now, I was especially entranced with this art journaling and mixed media.  He asked why that was.  I had to think on it for a few moments and finally realized it was because it is something so easily portable.  Its awkward to lug a canvas and easel and the paints and palette and brushes even to go sit on the back porch and still have to look for the electrical outlet for heat set when needed. 

Snapware Snap'n'Stack
Saturday, since I knew then that we were planning to visit Daddy and sis and family, this coming weekend, I had picked up, at Walmart, a little Snapware Snap'n'Stack container for $8.97, shown and linked on left.  I thought would be helpful for taking some art supplies with me.   I loved the snap side enclosures and the carry handle on it. 

Travel Supplies
I was correct. I was able to get all that you see on right (except journal book) into that container! That supply list includes my Prismacolor Coloured Pencils as well as my watercolour pencils, a set of Aqua Flow Water Brushes, a few drawing supplies, a 2 oz. bottle of decoupage, dual-sided stick tape dispenser, little pad of scrapbook paper and matching washii tape, a few of the 6x6 stencils, a small set of stamps, 6 of my small StudioG coloured ink pads, small scissors, a couple more markers and a liquid Glue Pen.

Ready to Travel!
It all fit so nice into that little stacking case!

Walmart also had those larger SMASH books red-tagged for $12 each and thought the pink one might be nice for travel as it has a built in dual-sized pen with a marker at one end and a gluestick at the other.  The book is already filled with sturdy decorative pages inside.  :-)

It will be nice to journal at night after I'm tucked into my hotel room.  As well, since Daddy is in hospital, I can tuck my journal into my purse along with some coloured pencils or watercolour pencils and the water brushes to create while at the hospital during quiet times. I can't wait to see Daddy and everyone!

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