Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happiness ...

Happiness Held vs. Happiness Shared
A Mixed Media piece completed today with a William Feather quote that says:

Happiness held
is the seed,
Happiness shared
is the flower.

This piece started as a play date with my set of Oil Pastels.  They are not a medium I've used more than twice and I am pushing myself to experiment and play with different things.  How can one become accomplished in something if one does not take the time to do so ... you know?

I had started with the oils on paper but was finding the oil pastel actually crumbling off so I switched to an 8x10 Canvas Panel (canvas that's been hot compressed glued to a heavy and hard cardboard backing) and that seemed to reduce the crumbling but not completely eliminate it.  I have a feeling its because my set of pastels is very inexpensive and not as creamy as perhaps a more expensive set might be.  As is true in other parts of life, the old adage "one gets what one pays for" applies to art materials as well.  :-(

So, this piece consists of oil pastels for the large flower; watercolour washed background in yellow and burnt sienna then oodles of alcohol ink drips in orange, yellow and greens; Bristol Board paper washed with watercolours and a marker for text and outline; butterfly sticker 3-D embellishment; and a white ribbon holds a Tim Holtz acrylic charm with a glued on sparkly flower die-cut embellishment.

I'm not fond of oranges and strong yellows but am stretching myself with that too. lol

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  1. Stretching yourself really paid off here, Von! I think it's the softness of the colors that works in this piece. That softness also allows the butterfly to pop off the canvas! Great quote, too! This work is truly "mixed media" in that you have used oil pastels, watercolors and inks! So well done, my friend!


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