Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Girlie Girls!

Girlie Girl #1
We are getting ready to go to Michigan for a weekend to visit my father who has been in hospital since last Thursday.  Daddy is 82 and has so many serious health issues, that we know his time grows shorter with all of us, and especially with aggravated issues like now.

While there, I know I will have a little quiet time in the hotel room so I want to bring a little travel kit of journaling supplies to take with me.  As you know, I've several (many, actually!) journals and was trying to assess which one might be better to take.  I remembered I'd scored two different sizes of Ikea scrapbooks, that were on clearance the last time the kids took me there, because they were a seasonal item and have snowflakes imprinted on the fronts.  (Any good journaler knows that a snowflake is easily done away with after we put our materials to work!)  I decided to test one for journaling.  The paper is very thin, like inexpensive copy paper really.  That isn't a problem though as a test page of gesso to both sides took very well or, alternatively, I could decoupage several pages together for added strength.   But I wanted to see how far I could push the paper itself ... and so I did.

Girly Girl #2
I have been wanting to do little girlies for my journals so they were my subjects for my Ikea book test.  I'm not using the correct medium for these girls but one uses what one has and the watercolour pencils are good enough for now.

Girlie Girl #1 is just watercolour pencil unwatered and Sakura black marker 01.

Girly Girl #2 is once again, watercolour pencil and markers (01, 05 and Brush) but with added stenciling, embellishments and water -- I applied water to the pencil colouring behind her head.   Again, the paper held up well with just a very mild bit of warping.   Girlie Girl #2's quote says:  "Sweet memories are a rare jewel which time polishes to perfection",

This little journal will work fine for my needs.  And so I have a little shoebox of "stuff" to take in my suitcase.   It probably has far more in it than I need, but its my first travel-kit.  I don't get out much, you know.  ,-)  


  1. Your blog is filled to overflowing with SPRING! So needed on this early misty morning. Your girlie girls are FAB!

    ;-> Felicia
    There are no rules!

    1. Thank you Felicia! Its been a pretty long winter here in the burbs of Chicago and I had to make my own Spring! lol Our crocuses are *finally* budding up and out this week!


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