Monday, April 29, 2013

Five Words

"Five Words" ... just list 5 little words ... was the Challenge for April with Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinzapfel.

Oh sure ... "easy peasy" you say!

Yeah ... but there's a catch.  (Isn't there always a catch?  *sigh*)

These 5 words need to describe you ... 5 words that people will think of when they are remembering or thinking of you.

See!  Not quite so simple is it?!?!

I never give thought to what others think of me really.  A little thought, perhaps, but in the long run, I am more concerned with what God thinks of me and how I'm doing down here.   As a Christian, my role is to emulate my Lord.  Well, as a Human, that takes a whole more work than one might imagine.  I won't even begin to list my faults ... there's not enough time nor blog for all of that.  :-/

I told Tracy earlier this month that I just felt I couldn't do it.   But, as a member of the group, I still felt like I needed to do this.  That's what a membership commitment means to me ... I participate.   If I can't participate because of life events ... that's different.  But, when it comes to something like this, I had to find a way to do it in spite of myself. 

And so I did ... and snuck it in still within the month of April.  O.o

The Life in 5 Words
The fan image was a free digital from Art By Jean
The rest was done with Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers - a lovely product!


  1. I struggled with it too Von for the same reason that I never think of what people think of me I just try to be the best person I can be.. I think you rocked it and I just love your words they are so you.. I love the fans and your colors it just looks so great with the music notes.. so many layers Love it..
    Sandy :)

    1. Thank you Sandy! I am so glad to know that others struggled with words like I did. (((hugs)))

  2. Well done, my friend! Perhaps this is so beautiful because you *did* struggle. I had a difficult time with this one, too, but, in the end, I am please with mine, too. I think, for me, this challenge was more about the process than the end result. It did make me stop and think about my role in this world of ours. Thanks so much for sharing this, Val...and, yes, they are perfect words for you! Mwah!

    1. awwww thank you Kay!!! Yes, you're right ... its the process more than the end result. I DO love playing and learning about art materials ... and I work on the rest of me in private or perhaps not so private as many people said my words seemed appropriate, just as you've done. :-) Thank you my friend! ((hugs))

  3. GORGEOUS Von, love the colors and the overall design. You did a fabulous job on the challenge, so glad you did it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥


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