Wednesday, March 6, 2013

There is a Season

There Is A Season
Downers Grove, IL got dumped on yesterday with roughly 10" of snow - the most snow we've seen in the past two winters combined.

As other places across the country were seeing Spring flowers peeking up through the soil, we were tucked into our woolies and marveling at the snowfall as it continued throughout the day.

It was truly beautiful!  Still is today.  :-)  Clearly, Mother Nature decided its not our Spring Season quite yet.

In honour of the Seasons to come, and to meet a few Mixed Media/Art Journal group challenges, I took inspiration from the song "Turn Turn Turn" sung by the Byrds in 1965.  The words are adapted from the Bible's Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1.  I further took inspiration from a book I have on Louis Comfort Tiffany where I stumbled upon one of his stained glass lamps done with fruit.  The song and the stained glass themes just seemed to mesh so nicely.  :-)

This was done entirely in tube Watercolour and is the first piece I've done in tube watercolours.   I used watercolour crayons on "God Colours My Heart" but that's a different application than the tubes. Watercolour Pencils are another type of application.   Once applied, however, the watercolours react and control with water the same.   As I continue to play with watercolours I find that I am beginning to discern their control features and gain a little more skill with them.  Its fun to experiment and I am truly enchanted with their capabilities.  :-)


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