Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Memories of Easter

This "Celebration of Easter" page has become part of my "Memories" journal.

When I was little, it was a ritual sometime before Easter that Mama would drive us the hour from our little town of Fremont, Michigan to downtown Grand Rapids to the Woolworth's Department Store. There, Mama would shop for herself, sister Diane and me - for a new Easter outfit of a Spring dress coat, a frilly yet sensible dress, patent leather shoes (heels for Mama and flats for us), a coordinating hat and white gloves ... and maybe even a new little purse too! It was always a special treat just to go downtown GR and see all the people rushing around, the traffic, the HUGE buildings and all those wonderful storefront windows with wonders to behold in them - nothing like them in our little town, although some stores tried well enough!
Celebration of Easter

A further treat would be to enjoy lunch at the Woolworth's Diner and if we were really lucky we'd be able to sit at the counter instead of the tables AND have a tasty soda from their fountain too! The trip home was such fun, laughing and giggling at times and quiet too as we all were anticipating the joy of wearing those new things come Easter Sunday morning. Me, especially, as my old shoes were badly scuffed up and my gloves were pretty dungy by that time (I was SUCH a tomboy then) and no amount of mama's bleach or bluing for extra whiteness stuff would help those poor things!

Even MORE fun was the fashion parade Daddy would expect before we left for church that morning. He'd study each one of us in turn and we'd wait, holding our breath, til he gave his approval. It was HEAVEN - Daddy thought we were beautifully attired and ready to go to church and honour our Lord for His most precious gift to us - His son, Jesus. I didn't fully understand all of that then -- I just wanted daddy to feel mama hadn't squandered his hard-earned money on things that looked horrid on me!

After church, we were bundled off (with playclothes in tow) to my Aunt Hazel and Uncle Guy's home. There, it would be a big family gathering with all the aunts and uncles and cousins and where we kids would get to find eggs and play and everyone would get to see us all in our pretty new outfits before the mamas made us change because they lived on a farm and all the mamas knew we'd get dirty without even trying.

It was a magical and special time ... and one of my most cherished memories.


The little hats and hatboxes image was found in my collection of vintage ephemera. I used scrapbook papers, specialty scissors, a napkin border, floral diecuts, a feather, a vintage heart and pearl button, gold shoe buttons, a hatpin, and little cloth roses. The tag says "Unforgettable" and "Treasured Memories". 
The stamped text says "Everything in its own Time" as it seemed rather fitting -- those days are long past and women seldom wear hats and gloves anymore. I'm nostalgic for them.  :-)
You are a Child of God through your understanding
of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus for your sins
"Believe in me, and thou shalt be saved."
God bless your Easter!

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  1. Such a sweet story to go with a lovely and dainty page. I am not a girly girl and I bet my mom wishes I was.. lol She too speaks of the days of shopping at Woolworths or Goldblatts with my grandma when she was a little girl. The picture so resembles everything in the short story you have written.. I feel like you have shared a little VonHistory with me.. TFS


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