Friday, March 15, 2013

Irish Tributes and Faerie Winds

Faerie Winds
This morning, I tripped over a darling Irish quote while I was seeking something for a St. Patty's Day tribute to my son-in-law who's of Irish heritage:  "Any man can lose his hat in a faerie wind."

And then, serendipity landed when Whimsey Stamps LLC's FaceBook page had a wonderful little image gifted for free to their viewers.  I simply adored the little faerie with the cone flower!

Clearly, it was meant to be -- and -- so I did!  :-)

To put the icing on the cake of my day, tonite I discovered I was one of three winners in a giveaway hosted by Design Memory Craft for a Ustream class taught by Jen Matott last night featuring their Faber Castell's Gesso product!  We three winners will each receive a jar of the Gesso.  I'm so excited as Jen showed us so many different and creative ways to use the gesso within our mixed media and art journals!  As you know, I'm very familiar with gesso through my fine art paintings on canvas and  have used it to provide an enhanced surface underneath my paintings.  I never knew all the ways gesso could be used and felt I'd won just from the wealth of information Jen provided in her class ... so I consider this a bonus having won one of the giveaway prizes too!  They are having another class April 11th.  I already have my calendar set to remind me!  :-D  I hope you'll sign up for their newsletter too and stay abreast of what they have to offer all of us through those classes.


  1. Thank you Von for the wonderful honor of nominating my blog for the Liebster award. I was thrilled and hope that I accomplished my part of the award. You are a doll!!! Thanks

    1. You are welcome, Christy - I love your work and hope others will find it of value to tune in as well. :-)

  2. I LOVE PURPLE.. and I believe in another life.. I may have been a SUNFLOWER.. and this flower is is PURPLE.. and SUNFLOWERish.. lol So I love it!! I had to see this page and comment on it!! Those FLOWERS are gorgeous!! I tried to find the free digital image, but I could not.. she was cute.. You are very talented!! Oh and congrats on the gesso!!


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