Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unexpected Pages

One of the things I've observed from many
Stamp Residue and Alcohol Inks
different sources is that when one is making a background with stamps or stencils, one should use up the leftover medium onto another page in your journal or a loose sheet of paper stock.  This makes clean up easier on the stamp/stencil and gives you a start on the background for another page   So, being an apt pupil, I did that recently.  (The original page source will show up on this blog one of these days, I'm sure.  :-)

Anyway, I was a bit disconcerted at all the white showing through the residue from the stamp so I took some alcohol inks and began spraying.  This (to the right) was the result. 

But goodness ... what to do with THAT!?!

Sometimes ... just sometimes, an idea will pop in and you just know its the only thing that will do the trick.

And so, I think it did. 


  1. Von this turned out beautifully! It is like you created that background and your image all at the same time! Just perfect!
    Thank you so much for sharing this! Hope you are having a great week! :D

    1. Thank you Mary! I apologize for my delay in acknowledging your remarks, but I've been down with a bug and feeling better finally. :-)


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