Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Textile Artists Tribute

Cottage Style Vintage Stamps - 11 piece kit $4.97
I was fortunate enough to get out and go to Joann's Fabrics and Crafts this past Monday and happened to find a wonderful little kit of 11 Cottage Style Vintage Stamps on clearance sale for $4.97.   I love the spiral doodle of the four round ones - they reminded me of a lacy Victorian doily -- foofy and right up my style alley.

As well this week, I had pulled out three fabric quarters that were similar in colour and felt it might be fun to make a page around them as fabric is something very relevant to my personal history. My Gramma, Mama, mama's sister - my Aunt Dee,  my own sister - Diane, and my daughter-in-law - Angie,  and I too all enjoy/ed sewing.

Tribute to the Textile Artists in our Family
My very first sewing machine was a little toy one which I used to make Barbie dolls but  the locking stitch would not lock to the point of insanity!  One day Gramma and Grampa surprised me with an old Singer Treadle they had gotten for $10.00!!!   A friend of Grampa's had a sewing machine repair business and he made sure I had all the parts and needles and bobbins and treadle tether I would ever need.  I LOVED that machine and used it to make all my doll clothes and later on to make the baby clothes for my children.

I was devastated when it was stolen from our garage while in temporary storage during a move to a new home and had cleared the old house out for final cleaning.  :-(  I now have a Brother 8500 with cams and cartridges ... and its wonderful .. but its sure not the same as my old treadle!   

So anyway ... here I had new stamps and fabrics and they just seemed to go together to make a page  in my homemade art journal - as a Tribute to all the Textile Artists in my Life.  :-)

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