Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Morning Glory Memories

A Morning Glory Memory
I remember the day I first planted anything. I was little, perhaps 5, and someone at church gave me a little packet of Morning Glory seeds. Daddy helped me plant them out by a trellis he made especially for them and attached to the tall pole that he'd also built a birdhouse atop it for the Martins in the area.

I waited and waited and daddy helped me water the seeds very carefully when needed. But, in a child's life, a week seems forever let alone waiting for something to grow! I despaired. There were plenty of leaves, but no pretty flowers!

Then one morning at breakfast Daddy asked ... "did you check your flowers?" I looked out the dining room window and saw something! I went racing out the back door in my jammies and slippers and THERE IT WAS! The first morning glory flower in brilliant blue with a beautiful yellowish white center. I squealed with delight and remember hearing daddy chuckling at me all the way across the yard to the back porch where he stood watching.

My morning glories came up year after year after year ... they just kept reseeding themselves and occasionally daddy would add another packet just for more colours. To this day, Morning Glories are my favourite flowers and roses are second.

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