Monday, February 25, 2013

Life is ...

Yesterday's blog showed you a page I did from a leftover stamp residue that was stamped off on a piece of bristol paper.  Today, I thought I would show you the original stamped page I made in my handmade Art Journal.

Foamie bits added to larger foamie
sheet to make a Foamie Stamp

I started with a homemade stamp made of left over foamie bits from a day's project of making home-made stamps from Foamie sheets.  I took all those left over bits and glued them to a heavier Foamie sheet.

Foamie Bits Stamped Background
Then, I painted my full spread page with a 50/50 mixture of ultramarine blue and payne's gray.  When that was dry, I created a mix of Liquitex Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and Gold Metallic and used my brayer to spread it across the palette paper.  I placed the foamie stamp down into it, stamped one half of the pages, then reloaded the stamp in the paint mix and stamped the other page half.  (When that was done is when I created the spare sheet and used up the left over paint.).  I then used a variety of circle making items in my stash and created the circles within circles from that same paint mixture.   While all of that was drying, I washed all the tools.  ,-) 

This page spread sat waiting for close to two weeks while I tried to come up with an idea for its use.  Then yesterday, two things sparked an idea.  First, it was a Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's old video I happened to catch where she used circles in her work.  The other was a Pinterest freebee find on a collage of old maps.

Life is Just a Journey - Princess Diana
The circles I had going seemed to relate a planetary theme so I cut out circles of the maps and distressed them before adhering.

I finished it off with a few brass buttons within the painted circles and a brass clasp to hold the metallic paper tag which has a quote by Princess Diana - "Life is just a Journey."


  1. Von this is a great blog and I love the journal page. I am going to join and keep up'
    A friend Sharon Estes Studio name Granny's Korner.


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