Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heartfelt Thoughts ...

I was reading commentaries through my friend Kelly Hoernig's open query for a give-away seat on her "Discovering Your Style & Creativity" e-course? - tell me then, "what would it give you the courage to do?"

Wish I could give those responders a BIG HUG and a dose of genuine heartfelt "listen up cuz this is important" to get them to understand that ... their fears or worries or heart-fusses over not being a good enough artist, or perhaps feel they aren't an artist at all, or worry that they don't have a style ... are just not worthy of a moment's thought. 

I'd tell them ...
  • You ARE an artist because you slap paint, you scrappaper, you spray inks, you stamp and use stencils, you doodle, you gesso, you study styles of other artists and learn how their techniques work by emulating them.     
  • My oils aren't too shabby but my art journal and mixed media are pretty horrendous.  Seriously, have you seen them?  My art journal/mixed media pages at this stage are a bit of Schizo-Kindergardenish-with-a-hint-of-Foofyness style right now.  Do they worry you about my mental health?  Yeah, me too!  ,-)
  • Does it matter? 
  • Nope.
We are so incredibly blessed to play and discover what works and doesn't work.
We are so incredibly blessed to pick up a brush and create any work of art.
We are so incredibly blessed to have even 15 minutes a day to doodle.
We are so incredibly blessed to be able to Google or YouTube things and find out how to do them or make them ourselves.
We are so incredibly blessed to have friends who share in our discoveries and laugh with us over those gawd-awful pieces and who also know that what we do is really something special even if only to ourselves because we were lucky enough to be able to do it at all.

God gave us a love of colour and joy in art ... HE started those trends you know!  Every part of our grand universe is filled with His colour and texture and style -- from majestic to awe-inspiring to whimsical and adorable!

How can we not take delight in what He's given us with our desire to play too?!?

So ... quititout please.

Go play and have fun.

Make a mess, slap paint, spray ink, doodle, stamp or stencil something, experiment with colours and share your work with your bestest friends and laugh.

And take Kelly's e-course because she's got you covered with all of that too just in case my thoughts here didn't help.  ,-)

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