Monday, February 11, 2013

God Colours

Today has been a dreary and cold day in the burbs of Chicago.  This has followed several nights of interrupted sleep which made for a challenge to find energy to do anything of value.  lol

So, I made foamie stamps.  Nothing special, just basic shapes that I can use in making backgrounds, including a heart that I wanted for an art journal page for Valentines Day.  OH ! -  and what I did think of as rather fun --> I made one good sized stamp of nothing but the leftover foamie bits from cutting out the basic shapes.  Its rather like a mosaic, don't you think? :-)
Foamies Stamp

Stamp Results

I spent some time in prayer while I was gluing ... I do tend to pray a lot when I'm being creative.  I get into a quiet zone in a way, I guess.  But as I prayed, I was reminded that no matter the weather or fatigue, by opening myself to God in prayer, He lifts my spirits and brightens my heart.  I know He'll answer every prayer and in His perfect timing.   And so I painted a simple little page for fun in my Art Journal.
God colours my heart so magnificently well!
God Colours My Heart

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