Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adventures Begin!

The Life
Greek Cafe
If you've ever visited my website, you know I tend to paint in the "fine art" genre with Genesis Oils and have done so since about 2004.  I love everything there is about that painting medium and have really been pleased with my self-taught painting skills to date.

The Shell

Then, recently, I was invited to join a FaceBook group of artists, called art aMUSEment, headed up by Kelly Hoernig, who is a well known instructor within the Decorative Painting Industry.  Each of the artists in the group have their own experience in a wide variety of artistry mediums. The fun began almost immediately as each Monday, Kelly would toss out an idea (a word, an item, a thought, a quote, etc.) for us to use to create a piece oriented around that *thing*.   It has been great fun to see the creativity and diversity of everyone's work.

December 2012, Kelly queried the group, as to our interest in joining her with a 2013 Art Journal.  I googled the phrases I'd heard used -- "mixed media" and "art journaling" to see what it was all about and it looked interesting.  We were to pick a word to be a key factor in our journals ... not a New Year's resolution, but a word that mattered to us.  I chose "memory" (with the intent to also encompass all of its thesaurus references, like remember, remembrance, etc.) as its a concern for me -- I seem to be losing data bits that were once part of my brain.bat.   (I blame the plethora of meds I have to take! LOL)  

Flower Fun
"I must have Flowers"
So December 31st, Kelly started us on our journey with a list of materials we'd need and began giving us prompts each week to get us moving along.  For me, trying to figure out how all those materials worked was a challenge ... let alone trying to figure how to use them to build a mixed media page or a page for an art journal!  lol   I also have tried to improvise where possible by creating my own materials - stamps, stencils, inks, etc., to help our Social Security Income constraints.     

Roses vs. Diamonds
I have, nonetheless, enjoyed the adventure so much!  My work has been rather hideous thus far.  lol  It likens back to my first days (months, years!) of trying to paint with acrylics.  O.o  Actually, I imagine some of my attempts now are challenged simply because of my challenge with acrylics. They are a primary medium with this style of art.   But I persist now because I remember that every page I do puts me that much closer to the results of where I want to be and what I want do eventually with this form of art. 

Stay tuned ... there will be more!   lol

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