Thursday, April 18, 2019


Hi Everyone!

On Friday, April 19th at 10:00 a.m. EST, I'll be Live Streaming on You Tube
and painting this SWAN in Genesis Heat Set Oils.

The Swan
This lovely swan is photo reference of
(linked there if you'd like to paint along)

Come join me as we discuss:
  1. whites upon whites? :O 
  2. minimal colour palettes
  3. out of focus backgrounds
  4. subtle water movement
  5. feather painting
  6. and what makes this piece unusual

Oh!  I finished last week's piece in Pan Pastel - the "The Magnolia"!  I posted it on my ViaVon FaceBook page, IG and Twitter, but thought perhaps you'd like to see it as well here. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Join me Friday, April 12th for my LIVE You Tube Stream

Hi Everyone!  

Friday, April 12th is another LIVE YouTube Stream with me.

I'm going to be showing you some new Arteza products I purchased because ... well ... I just saw potential for my card making adventures. :D   I have Arteza's Gouache and thought it a really good product, especially for someone new to gouache, so thought I would give some of their other products a try as well.

These Arteza products include:

72 Fine Liner Pens
60 EverBlend Art Markers
48 TwiMarkers

I'm also going to show you some really cute Leather Traveler Journals I picked up on an Amazon Daily Deal. 

And, I also got a set of Jerry Q Art's 24 Watercolour Pocket Set, which Janet Young introduced us to this past week.

Finally, we're going to play with Pan Pastels and Pastel Pencils to create a pretty Magnolia Flower.  That's a free image of Kranich17 at Pixabay if you'd like to play along.  Just click on the highlighted text there to get the image.  :)

I hope to see you there !!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Coming UP on My Live YT Stream on Friday, April 5th

On Friday, April 5th, at 10:00 AM EST, I'll be LIVE STREAMING on YouTube where we will:
  1. Take a look at two  !2!  Precious Gifts I received,
  2. Compare Daniel Smith Iridescent Watercolours against Paul Reuben's Glitter Watercolour ... and then,
  3. Mix some Genesis Heat Set Oils, using the book: 1500 Colour Mixing Recipes for Oil, Acrylic and Watercolours that I reviewed on my YouTube channel on April 1st.  I'll be using this Genesis Heat Set Oils Chart, which has the Pigment information which we can use to correlate back to the pigments listed in the book.
I hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March 30, 2019 Live YouTube Stream

HI Everyone!

I'll be LIVE YouTube streaming this Friday, March 30th at 10 am. EST, where we will looking at mixing pigments in an assortment of mediums, how to assess your pigment values, and how to use a light pad/board efficiently and effectively when needed.

Part of our discussons will include these Colour Wheel Resources:

Traditional and Creative Colour Wheels

The Zoltan Szabo Colour Wheel (my personal favourite because I love glazing in watercolour!)

Also we will look at this Watercolour Colour Wheel.


We will look at Watercolour Mixes specifically using the Watercolour Colour Mixing Guide by Julie Collins and using these FREE reference resources:

Composition and Pigment Information of Winsor & Newton's Professional Watercolours.

Sennelier Pigment Information

Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Pigment Info

DaVinci Artists Watercolours

and Art Tutor offers some lovely colour mixing sheets as well:  Art Tutor


And, for mixing acrylics, oils and watercolours, there is an awesome book called:  1500 Colour Mixing Recipes for Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour 


We will look at the Light Pad/Board and various ways to use it for your painting needs.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hi everyone!  😃

Yes, I've been neglectful.

Yes, life has been a challenge for quite some time as health issues within our family have impacted us all in so many ways with struggles, surgeries and hospice too.

Yes, I've lost my David.  God called him home on November 8th and not a day goes by that I don't miss him so terribly much.  There just aren't words. 😭🙏

But, life goes on.  I've had to "get up, suit up, and show up for life" as David used to say.  There are days I don't want to, and other days I don't mind so much.  I'm sure you have known them too.  Sorry. (((hugs)))

I've pushed myself to get back to the painting desk whenever I can, even if only a few hours a day.  I've dusted off the materials -- all of them -- and began LIVE streaming two weeks ago, with my 3rd expected tomorrow. I will also be adding some regular videos on projects I'm working on.   My YT channel is linked there on the right and you can see me LIVE every Friday morning at 10:00 EST.  The LIVE streams usually upload directly or shortly afterwards with chat included so you can watch later.

I've also added a PIP - Products I Prefer page which may be of benefit if you're watching my videos and have questions about them.

I'm active on Twitter and posting on my ViaVon FB Page - both are linked on the right.  I do have an Instagram page now too, which isn't linked yet, but you can find me there by searching MyViaVon.

So there ... that's what's happened since I last visited here.

I hope this finds you healthy and being creative!

God Bless !!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Fun of New Adventures!

The delight in my Bible Journaling has led me to a better understanding of how coloured pencils can be utilized within a fine art endeavour.  As you may recall, I previously shared some of my testings and one painting I'd done - since then, I've delved into this process more fully and with gusto -- I'm enthralled!

My self-education of crash coursing has been so fun as I've experimented with an assortment of surfaces including a variety of papers designed for pencil work, textured surfaces for pastel work and also my beloved Ampersand Pastelbords (which you may recall I used for my oil pastels and pastel pencil work).  I've also been testing a wide variety of coloured pencil brands to see which work best on which surface and how the different brands can or cannot work together. I've also tested using water solubles as underpaintings - a technique which makes the pencil work go much more quickly.

Coloured Pencils with
Derwent Inktense Underpainting
Watercolour Cold Press Paper 140# 5x7
Photo Reference of Steven Meister from Paint My Photo
Along the process, I've learned which of these surfaces and pencils are light fast ... a subject that is critical for my work as its my only legacy to my children and grandchildren and the generations to come as well as my extended family members.

The Cardinal
Coloured Pencil with
Odorless Mineral Spirits Blending
Ampersand Pastelbord 5x7
Photo Reference of Rodney Campbell at Paint My Photo
This was gifted to my nephew Joshua and his family as a belated baby/family gift.
I had already had the set of FC Polychromos pencils which I had innocently purchased, thinking they would work for fine detailing in my oil pastel work because the Polychromos brand of pencils is considered as oil based. **blush**  Ahhh the ignorance of beginnership.  LOL   Luckily, these pencils are considered one of the finest brands to have for the fine art endeavour as they are well made and light fast.
The Rose
Coloured Pencil
Watercolour Cold Press Paper 140# 5x7
Photo Reference of Suzanne Wallick at Paint My Photo

I had the Prismacolour Premieres as well as some of their Verithin pencils which I've been using within my Journaling Bible.  These are a lovely pencil and used by many fine art pencil artists, but one must be careful in selection as approximately 1/3 of their pencils are below the mark for good light fast rankings.  Since it would be rare for any of my Bible Journaling pages to be exposed to direct sunlight, these are perfectly safe for use within my Bible. <3
I had already had a 36 set of the Lyra Rembrandt pencils, which David had purchased for me way back in the oil pastel adventures as this brand was also labeled "oil based" by the vendors.  They are very similar to the Polychromos and brought some lovely pigment additions that I felt were missing from the Polychromos line.   I had purchased a resource book that indicated these pencils were very well ranked in light fastness, so I purchased more of their colour lines to complement my Polychromos.  Unfortunately, I have since learned that that resource was invalid and this brand is not well ranked in light fast.

Coloured Pencil
Art Spectrum ColourFix Coated Pastel Paper 9x12 Photo Reference of Suzanne Wallick at Paint My Photo
I bought an assortment of colours within the Caran d' Ache lines of their Luminance (wax based) and their Pablo (less wax based) line of pencils. These are classified as the best made pencil on the market and cost a pretty penny, I might add, but are well worth it.  The Luminance especially work well with the Polychromos and brought some of the colours I felt were sadly lacking in the Polychromos line - tan browns (for natural Caucasian skin tones) along with varying ranges in Ochres and Siennas plus a range of Paynes Grey which I've always loved with my Genesis Oil Paintings.  The Pablos brought some very light pigment colours that I especially appreciated as well.

So, I have had a lot of pencils to enjoy!

"Aubrey's Rose"
Coloured Pencil
Paper: Stonehenge Warm White 90# Cotton 5x7
Photo Reference courtesy of: Aubrey Campbell at Paint My Photo
I've also discovered that pencils need fixatives now and again, and have been delighted with Brush and Pencil's line of product.  Their Texture Touch up offers the opportunity to use the glazing techniques I've loved with oil paints and can now do with coloured pencils - a process unheard of before with pencils!  As well, all of their fixatives are non-toxic and I can use indoors, without harm to David or the animals.  I SO appreciate that!

"Coloured Pencil Glazing Technique"
Enabled by using this Brush & Pencil Texture Touch-Up product!
I straight-lined the sand pencil colour to the blue water, then ran
a 1" of the touch-up product, covering 1/2" on sand and 1/2" on the water.
Once that was fully dry, I pencil painted those colours plus white atop
the colours beneath.  This process allowed for the colour beneath to show
through the colour above.  Its a brilliant techinque used in other mediums
that the Coloured Pencil Teachers and Experts had told me was not do-able in pencil.
Never tell me its impossible!
I've recently joined the Color Pencil Society of America (CPSA) and am eagerly and no-so-patiently :D waiting for my copy of their light fast testings guide which includes all of my pencil brands, in addition to gobs and bunches of others, up to and including watercolor pencils!  They've put all of these pencils through rigourous and extensive light fast testings and I'm well assured their results will be of great benefit to my endeavours.

"Thoughts of Diane"
Coloured Pencil
Ampersand Pastelbord 5x7
A birthday gift for my sister, who's large dairy farmyard has many little vignettes like this. <3

And so, the testing and creative fun continues with the pursuit of fine art in coloured pencil.  With each piece I do, I learn more skills and become more refined in my techniques.  I've learned that foam board 1/8" works well to tape my surfaces to - its lightweight means my strength issues aren't impacted at all and 1 sheet got me two sets of foam boards to accommodate each of the size surfaces I most use.  I've found pencil cases that afford a small footprint, open like a book and flip pages of elastic loops which hold  the pencils firmly in place yet are easily removed - and it all rests naturally on the arm of my bedchair.

"The Tulips"
Coloured Pencil
Art Spectrum ColourFix Coated Pastel Paper 9x12
Photo Reference by Pezibear at Pixabay
I've found more free photo reference sites through an assortment of Coloured Pencil Groups to which I belong, so there's no end of creative days ahead of me.  Its truly captured my heart and even on bad health days, its easy for me to work on small pieces.

That's not to say I'm not still working in my Journaling Bible. ;) 

"Look! Seek! Find!"
Jeremiah 29:13
"When you look for me, you will find me.  Yes, when you seek me with all your heart."

I am so truly and abundantly blessed!  

Thank you for sharing my adventures. <3

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Heart of Bible Journaling

my design
Prismacolour Premiere Pencils
As you may recall, the last post was the introduction to my new journaling Bible.  I'm delighted to say that my adventures continue and have opened up a world of hearts and souls who are also dedicated to exploring God's Word through our artistic endeavours!

I've been crash coursing what art mediums work best, adding tip-ins through inserted pages and tags, and learning and sharing results among any number of Bible Journaling groups -- grand fun!  I've invested in a few additional supplies to the Prismacolour Premiere pencils, which include chalk stamping pads, Koi Watercolours, Gel pens, a bit of washii tape, and a few sets of assorted stamps that I know will work nicely in my designs.

Since then, I've played both within the images included as well as creating my own designs.  Each one has lifted my heart to God while I've worked my way through the colouring or designing process.  Such a blessing!  As well, I've discovered live Bible Journaling streams on Periscope, Twitter's live feed - so fun! <3

Enjoy this very small sampling of my adventure ...

Book of Ezra
included design of the My Creative Bible
done with Super Doodle Glitter Gel Pens
"My Fill My Cup Lord"
<3 a favourite hymn <3
I so enjoyed creating this "Fill My Cup Lord" tip in as its one of my favourite hymns.  I could hear daddy's voice singing this the whole time I was designing and colouring it. :D   This was sketched in pencil, then gone over with Faber  Castell Black Pitt Pen, coloured with Sai Watercolour Pens,
"... a new song in my heart"
tip-in with pocket, done on mixed media paper,
Chalk Pad Inks, Washii Tape, Stamps, Gel Pens
"Faith & Believe"
done in Koi Watercolours, Micron Black Pen 08 & 01,
 UniBall Signo White Gel Pen, Glitter Gel Pens

"Where He Stands"
part of the Faith Illustrated Bible Journaling
Series.  This main image and circle pieces were
created by Tonya Hamilton (aka MessyBible)
along with her chosen scripture verse and
journaling thoughts about it.  Its a powerful
message, which I've included under the hinged
image.  The rest of this tip-in was done by me
to complement her lovely theme.

"Where He Stands"
showing the hidden journaled verse and
thoughts of
Tonya Hamilton aka Messy Bible